Best Macro Lenses for iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best selling smartphones released in 2020. iPhone SE 2020 is great for shooting photos. If you want to shoot some macro photos like a camera, you’d better get a macro lens for iPhone SE 2020. We have tested and reviewed latest macro lenses, and below are top recommended ones for iPhone SE 2020.

Moment Macro Lens for iPhone SE 2020 – Check Price at B&H Photo Video

Enhance your smartphone photography with the Moment Macro Lens with 10x magnification, allowing you to focus on objects just 0.73″ away. This lens has three glass elements in two groups and a metal body. A multi-layer low flare broadband anti-reflection coating helps reduce unwanted reflections. It attaches to your device with a Moment Photo or Battery Photo case, available separately. A lens cap, lens hood, and microfiber bag are included.


  • 10x Magnification
  • Approximate 25mm Equivalent Focal Length
  • 0.73″ Focusing Distance
  • Three-Element Cinema-Grade Glass Lens

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone SE 2020 – Check Price at Amazon

CLARUS 15x MACRO LENS – MARVEL YOUR SENSES. MAGNIFY NEARBY SUBJECTS FOR BREATHTAKING, SUPER CLOSE-UP PHOTOS: Capture all the intricacies and details with precision-focus for razor crisp macro photos every time. (For best results, position macro lens approximately 1/2 inch from subject. Not designed for zooming in on distant subjects.) THE TRUGRIP LENS CLIP offers SUPERIOR GRIPPING POWER to fasten your lenses to your cell phone when you’re in action mode, framing your next perfect shot.

Apexel 4K HD Mobile Phone 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video

The 4K HD Mobile Phone 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit from Apexel is a bundle that contains a 2x Zoom Telephone Lens, a 0.6x / 110° Wide-Angle Lens, a 170° Super Wide-Angle Lens, a 195° Fisheye Lens, and a 15-20x Macro Lens. These lenses are compatible with iPhone XS Max, XR, X, 8, 7, and 6 Plus, as well as Samsung phones.


  • Includes 2x Zoom Telephoto Lens
  • Includes 0.6x / 110° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Includes 170° Super Wide-Angle Lens
  • Includes 195° Fisheye Lens

SANDMARC Macro Lens for iPhone SE 2020 – Check Price at B&H Photo Video

Capture vivid details you cannot see with the naked eye on flowers, insects, and other small objects using the Macro Lens for iPhone SE 2020 from SANDMARC. This lens features a 25mm focal length, 10x magnification, and multi-coated optics, all of which allow you to capture fine and precise details. Attach the lens to your phone using the included case for iPhone 8 / 7, or use the included lens clip to attach it to your phone using either a case of your choice, or no case at all.


  • Capture Small, Vivid Details
  • Ideal for Flowers, Insects & Small Items
  • 25mm Focal Length
  • 10x Magnification