Best PSU for B550 Motherboard

The B550 motherboards are designed for AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, compared to X570 motherboards, B550 motherboards are usually much cheaper. If you are not a gaming enthusiast, the B550 motherboards are enough for you. Looking for recommended PSU for B550 motherboards ? We have tested and reviewed latest PSUs, and below are top recommended ones for B550 motherboards:

400W-600W | 601W-800W | 801W-1,000W | Over $1,000W

Best 400W-600W PSU for B550 Motherboard:

Seasonic FOCUS GX-550 550W 80+ Gold Full-Modular PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

The newly upgraded FOCUS GX series is the successor to the FOCUS PLUS Series in 80 PLUS Gold efficiency ratings, which became an instant the top seller in the power supply market after its launch, Seasonic engineers have made improvements on the popular series, removing the inline capacitors on the supplied cables. Besides the small change in the series naming, the PSU housing and its packaging are also updated to be in line with the concept of the OneSeasonic Initiative.


  • COMPACT SIZE: 140mm deep fits all ATX systems.
  • FULL MODULAR: Use only the cables you need to reduce clutter to maximize airflow for a better ventilated system.
  • 80 PLUS GOLD: Less energy gets wasted during power conversion; Cut down your electricity usage and be Eco-Friendly.
  • PREMIUM HYBRID FAN CONTROL: Unsurpassed silent performance in Fanless Mode. The fan control button at the back of the power supply allows users to customize cooling needs by selecting between Seasonic S2FC (fan control without Fanless Mode) and S3FC (fan control including Fanless Mode).

EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3 550W Fully Modular PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

Unleash the next generation in power with the EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3 Power Supply. Based on the award winning G2 series Power Supplies from EVGA, This power supply features 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency, and clean, continuous power to every component. The ECO Thermal Control Fan System offers fan modes to provide zero fan noise during low load operations. This provides improved efficiency for longer operation, less power consumption, reduced energy costs and minimal heat dissipation. Backed by a 10 year and Japanese capacitor design, the EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3 is not only the right choice for your system today, it is also the best choice for your system tomorrow.


  • EVGA 550 G3 – “The Next Generation in Power”
  • 80 plus Gold certified, with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fan size/ Bearing: 130 millimeter Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing for ultra-quiet perfromace
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and SCP
  • 7 year ; MTBF: 100, 000 hours. Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C

CORSAIR SF Series SF450 450W 80 PLUS GOLD Full Modular PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

SF Series power supplies bring legendary Corsair performance and reliability to the SFX small form factor standard. They have the features found in full-size high performance power supplies, with certification for 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, superior voltage regulation, Zero RPM mode for virtually silent operation, and 105°C All Japanese capacitors for better reliability.


  • SFX Form Factor: High end performance in a small form factor
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified: High efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs
  • Fully Modular: Make your builds and upgrades easy, with clean, great-looking results
  • 100% Japanese 105 electrolytic capacitors: Premium internal components ensure solid power delivery andlong term reliability
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode: Virtually silent operation at low and medium loads
  • Seven year warranty: Your guarantee of reliable operation that will last across several system builds

Best 601W-800W PSU for B550 Motherboard:

ASUS ROG Strix 750 Fully Modular 80 Plus Gold 750W ATX Power Supply – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Newegg

The ASUS Republic of Gamers STRIX 750W 80 Plus Gold Modular ATX Power Supply features efficient power delivery, 0 dB technology, and cosmetic customization. Thanks to its fully modular design, users can store unused cables to eliminate clutter and improve airflow within their system. It has a total of one 24-pin motherboard connector, two 4+4-pin CPU connectors, four 6+2-pin PCIe connectors, eight SATA connectors, and three 4-pin peripheral/Molex connectors. With these, it’s well suited for most gaming and enthusiast setups.


  • 750W Single +12V Rail
  • 135mm Cooling Fan
  • 4 x 6+2-Pin PCIe Connectors
  • 8 x SATA Connectors
  • 3 x 4-Pin Peripheral Connectors
  • Fully Modular Cables
  • Cosmetic Customization

Corsair SF750 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular Power Supply – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

The Corsair SF750 80+ Platinum SFX power supply is an extraordinarily power-dense PSU ready to power the most cutting-edge small form factor PCs with 750 continuous watts 80+ Platinum certification makes it an ultra-efficient power supply, creating less heat and lower electric bills A large 92mm fan provides industry-leading performance with minimal noise thanks to a zero RPM Mode that only activates at higher loads.


  • Harness 750 continuous watts In SFX form, perfect for the most power-dense small-form-factor PCs
  • Ensures ultra-high efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs
  • Flexible Para cord sleeved cables make routing and cable management incredibly easy
  • Delivers powerful cooling with Low-Noise operation. Fan bearing technology: Rifle Bearing
  • Allows installation into both small form Factor and ATX cases. Continuous output rated temperature C-50°C

Seasonic PRIME TX-750 80+ Titanium Full Modular PSU – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Newegg

Keep your rig juiced up with the PRIME TX Series 750W 80 PLUS Titanium Fully Modular Power Supply from SeaSonic Electronics. Supplying 750W of power on a single +12V rail, this ATX PSU includes 2 CPU, 4 PCIe, 10 SATA, and 5 peripheral connectors via fully modular cables. A 135mm fan with hybrid control keeps components cool.


  • 750W Single +12V Rail
  • 135mm Cooling Fan
  • ATX Form Factor
  • 4 x 8/6-Pin PCIe Connectors
  • 10 x SATA Connectors
  • 5 x 4-Pin Peripheral/Molex Connectors
  • Fully Modular Cables

Best 801W-1,000W PSU for B550 Motherboard:

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G5 80 Plus Gold 1000W PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

The EVGA SuperNOVA G5 joins the Elite ranks of the EVGA 80 Plus Gold Power supplies. As the successor to the award-winning G3 Series, The G5 power supplies continue to push the envelope with the latest certifications and Intel power-on standards. Starting with 80 Plus Gold certification, a fully-modular cable design, 100% Japanese capacitors, and an ultra-quiet 135mm fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan with EVGA Eco mode, These power supplies are built for performance and silence.

  • 80 plus Gold certified, with 91% efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fully modular to reduce clutter and improve airflow. AC Input – 100 – 240 VAC, 15-8A, 50/60 Hz
  • 100% Japanese capacitors, active clamp +DC-DC converter design to improve 3.3V./ 5V. Stability
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan and EVGA eco mode for ultra-quiet operation and increased lifespan
  • 10 year limited Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support; Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C

SeaSonic Electronics Prime Ultra Titanium Series 850W 80 Plus Titanium Modular ATX Power Supply – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Newegg

The Prime Ultra Titanium Series 850W 80 Plus Titanium Modular ATX Power Supply from Seasonic is designed to provide high-end systems with clean, continuous power. The fully modular design allows you to connect the cables you need and store the rest for less cable clutter and improved airflow. It’s built with a 135mm cooling fan and utilizes Seasonic’s Hybrid Mode to keep it operating quietly and efficiently. This power supply is both SLI and Crossfire ready and includes plenty of cables and connectors for storage drives and peripherals.


  • 840W Single +12V Rail
  • 135mm Cooling Fan
  • Intel ATX12V
  • 6 x PCI-E Connectors
  • 10 x SATA Connectors
  • 5 x 4-Pin Molex Connectors
  • PSU Tester & SATA 3.3 Adapter Included
  • Flat, Low-Profile Cables

Best PSU for B550 Motherboard Over 1,000W:

CORSAIR HX1200 1200W 80 PLUS PLATINUM PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

CORSAIR HX series power supplies give you extremely tight voltage regulation, quiet operation, Platinum-certified efficiency, and a fully modular cable set. Built with all Japanese 105°C capacitors, they’re a great choice for high performance PCs where reliability is essential.


  • 80 Plus Platinum: Runs cooler and uses less power than less efficient power supplies
  • Fully Modular: Allows user to only use the cables they need for a cleaner looking build with better airflow
  • 10-year warranty: Backed by Corsair’s legendary technical support and customer service
  • 135mm FDB fan with Zero RPM mode: Virtually silent operation at low loads. 8 PATA connector
  • +12V Rail Switch: Gives the user the choice of a single +12V rail or multiple +12V rails