Best XQD Memory Card for Nikon Z7

The Nikon Z7 is Nikon’s high-end full frame mirrorless camera released in October 2018 by Nikon. Similar as Nikon Z6, Nikon Z7 now one of the best selling full frame mirrorless cameras in the world. Nikon Z7 has only one XQD memory card slot, which means you can only use XQD card for Nikon Z7.

The XQD cards are much faster than SD cards, currently there are 3 kinds of XQD cards, the Lexar 2933x XQD 2.0 is the best selling XQD card for Nikon Z7.

Card Max. Read Speed Max. Write Speed Check Price
Lexar 2933x XQD 2.0 440 MB/s 400 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama
Sony XQD G Series 440 MB/s 400 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama
Delkin Devices Premium XQD 440 MB/s 400 MB/s B&H/Adorama