Best PSU for GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card is NVIDIA’s latest high-end desktop GPU released in June 2021. It features GA102-225 GPU with 10240 CUDA cores and 12 GB of GDDR6X chips. Like RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti need at least a 750W PSU. Looking for recommended PSU for GeForce RTX 3080 Ti ? We have tested and reviewed latest PSUs, and below are top recommended ones for RTX 3080 Ti:

CORSAIR HX850 850W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular Power Supply – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

CORSAIR HX series power supplies give you extremely tight voltage regulation, quiet operation, Platinum-certified efficiency, and a fully modular cable set. Built with all Japanese 105°C capacitors, they’re a great choice for high performance PCs where reliability is essential.


  • 80+ Platinum runs cooler and uses less power than less efficient power supplies
  • Fully modular allows user to only use the cables they need for a cleaner looking build with better airflow
  • 10-Year Backed by CORSAIR legendary technical support and customer service
  • 135mm FDB fan with Zero RPM mode virtually silent operation at low loads
  • +12V rail switch gives the user The choice of a single +12V rail or multiple +12V rails

ASUS ROG Strix 850W Gold PSU – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Newegg

Featuring a single +12V rail, this 850W ATX power supply provides one motherboard, two CPU, six PCIe, eight SATA, and six 4-pin peripheral connectors. Certified 80 PLUS Gold, the ROG Strix 850G is also capable of 0dB operation at below 40% TDP. All cables are fully modular, and the motherboard, CPU, and PCIe cables all feature embedded capacitors to reduce voltage ripple. In addition to a motherboard, two CPU, three PCIe, two SATA and two 4-pin cables, and a power cable, this PSU also comes with two ROG badges, a logo magnet, and three ROG labels for customizing its look.


  • ROG heatsinks cover critical components. Lower temps result in a longer lifespan and reduced noise.
  • Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure.
  • Dual ball fan bearings can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs.
  • 0dB Technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence.
  • An 80 Plus Gold Certification is the result of Japanese capacitors and other premium components.

CORSAIR RM850x 850W ATX12V SLI CrossFire 80 PLUS GOLD PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg

Corsair RM850x series power supplies are built with the highest quality components to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC. Using only Japanese 105 Degree C capacitors, users can depend on an RM850x PSUs’ long life and reliability, backed by a ten year warranty. Zero RPM Mode means an RM850x series PSU is virtually silent at low and medium loads, and even at maximum power, a low noise fan ensures quiet operation. Fully modular cables make PC builds and upgrades easy, as you only need to install the cables your system requires. Quiet, efficient and dependable, an RM850x PSU has everything you need to power your high performance PC for years to come.


  • 80 Plus Gold certified for lower power consumption, less noise and cooler temperatures
  • For maximum cooling surface area and performance
  • Zero RPM fan mode for near silent operation at low to medium loads; Continuous output rated temperature: 50°C
  • 100 percent industrial grade, 105°C rated Japanese capacitors ensure unwavering power and reliability
  • Fully modular cables, so you only connect the cables your system needs. Fan size-5.3 inches.

Seasonic PRIME TX-750 80+ Titanium Full Modular PSU – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Newegg

Keep your rig juiced up with the PRIME TX Series 750W 80 PLUS Titanium Fully Modular Power Supply from SeaSonic Electronics. Supplying 750W of power on a single +12V rail, this ATX PSU includes 2 CPU, 4 PCIe, 10 SATA, and 5 peripheral connectors via fully modular cables. A 135mm fan with hybrid control keeps components cool.


  • 750W Single +12V Rail
  • 135mm Cooling Fan
  • ATX Form Factor
  • 4 x 8/6-Pin PCIe Connectors
  • 10 x SATA Connectors
  • 5 x 4-Pin Peripheral/Molex Connectors
  • Fully Modular Cables

Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850W 80+ Gold, ECO Fanless & Silent Mode PSU – Check Price at Amazon/Newegg


  • LEADEX III series PSU are 80PLUS Gold certified with 100% fully modular cable design, our R&D team’s latest innovation, a brilliant idea to maximize PSU cables & connectors management to have the best cable routing solution, also increase case chassis air flow to have best cooling for your system.
  • LEADEX III series PSU provides high efficiency & stable power output and come with a 13cm three-way thermal control intelligent cooling fan to ensure your professional PC system will work under heavy load, also capable of powering your PC system equipped with NVIDIA SLI or ATI CrossFireX setup.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed- We provide a ten-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects for this Super Flower products as well as free shipping for change.

ASUS ROG Strix 750 Fully Modular 80 Plus Gold 750W ATX Power Supply – Check Price at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Newegg

The ASUS Republic of Gamers STRIX 750W 80 Plus Gold Modular ATX Power Supply features efficient power delivery, 0 dB technology, and cosmetic customization. Thanks to its fully modular design, users can store unused cables to eliminate clutter and improve airflow within their system. It has a total of one 24-pin motherboard connector, two 4+4-pin CPU connectors, four 6+2-pin PCIe connectors, eight SATA connectors, and three 4-pin peripheral/Molex connectors. With these, it’s well suited for most gaming and enthusiast setups.


  • 750W Single +12V Rail
  • 135mm Cooling Fan
  • 4 x 6+2-Pin PCIe Connectors
  • 8 x SATA Connectors
  • 3 x 4-Pin Peripheral Connectors
  • Fully Modular Cables
  • Cosmetic Customization