Best Screen Protectors for Panasonic S1 & S1R

The Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 and S1R both have a 3.2 inch LCD screen. To protect the screen of Panasonic Lumix S1 & S1R, you’d better to get a screen protector. Below are recommended screen protectors for Panasonic S1 and S1R:

IPG Screen Protector with Invisible Screen Guard

  • Aerospace grade patented material engineered for your specific device wet application
  • Free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device
  • Virtually invisible
  • Anti Fingerprint. Not Interfere with Touch screen Technology

Lexerd TrueVue Anti-glare Digital Camera Screen Protector

  • Preserve Original Color Tones: Crystal clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience.
  • Premium Design: The laser-cut Dimension provides maximum protection for the display area.
  • Ultra Thin: 0.20mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and maintains original response sensitivity.
  • Scratch Resistant: Protect your phone against scratches, scuffs, and any other hard objects. Heat and water resistance.
  • Fingerprint-free: Hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue.

Bedifol 6X Savvies Ultra-Clear Screen Protector

  • crystal-clear display protection film, anti-static film material
  • 100% bubble-free application, the protection film clings itself and without pressure to the display
  • 100% fits, cut to fit the specific display perfectly
  • can be removed at any time without any residues
  • excellent writing quality for a gadget with a touchscreen